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Become a SEMrush partner

Our team is always open for new ways to collaborate and cooperate with experts all around the globe. Whatever your scope is and wherever your passion lies - we will be happy to hear from you! Just find the category that suits you best below and let’s start the next big thing!

Technical partners

SEMrush provides a robust yet easy to use API that allows to pull a variety of data from our databases and integrate it into your own product. Apart from API access, our partners enjoy regular technical support and opportunities for co-promotion to help them make their products even more visible and loved. We also welcome a variety of listings, Google SEM, and social media tools to join us.

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Agency partner

Do you want to become a partner to embrace more business opportunities with SEMrush? Our team is here to help your business to grow together with SEMrush. SEMrush can support any awesome idea you come up with: special discount, different prize package, custom tools. You have more freedom and flexibility for your online and offline sales plan and commission

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Affiliate partner

Are you SEO specialist? KOL? Blogger? If you have your own active community, then the affiliate program will be your best choice! You only need to click the mouse and share the link, spread the information about SEMrush in your social network. You will get an awesome commission from any customers who buy through your referral links.

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Educational partner

Our team believes that SEMrush is an indispensable tool for any marketing expert; we are always happy to support our educational partners who teach future industry professionals or help existing leaders become even more knowledgeable. As our educational partner, you will be able to make use of teaching aids, provide your students with access to SEMrush, and more!

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